We don’t believe in compromising on the world-class quality of our materials. We also don’t think we should compromise on the sustainability of our choices. That is why we use the high quality 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, PVD Plated Rose Gold and Italian Vachetta Vegetable Tanned Leather certified by "Pelle al vegetale". Unlike the cheaper lower quality leather varieties on the market, artisanal vegetable-tanned leather will improve its color, gloss and texture over time. Each piece of leather is also unique, retaining natural imperfections as opposed to the uniform finish of cheap leather. This chromium-free process uses plant dyes and avoids harmful chemicals making it a better choice for the environment and human health.

The artisanal nature of the vegetable-tanning process is more time-consuming and requires a higher level of craftsmanship. We apply this same level of craftsmanship to every aspect of this Apple Watch Case: from the incredibly strong German serafil thread used in the stitching to the smooth microfiber that lines the inside. The premium quality of the leather and the precise cut ensures a comfortable fit that will soften over time as the leather shapes perfectly around your wrist. Skilfully applied edge paint ensures that even the most exposed parts of the leather have outstanding durability. This is why we feel confident giving a 2-year warranty on this Apple Watch Case.